Therapeutic Horseback Riding
Horse Assisted Learning Lessons
All Hands In After School Program
Farm in Motion Summer Program

We view special needs through the broadest possible lens. Pony Power programming is open to those who need more support or different programming options than traditional equestrian centers offer.

Requirements *
  • Participants must be at least 2.5 years old. There is no maximum age.
  • Participants must be cleared medically to participate and considered safe and appropriate for the activity by Pony Power staff.
  • Participants interested in riding must meet height and weight guidelines as determined by Pony Power staff.
  • Parents/guardians/caregivers must stay on site during individual lessons.

*There is no need for proof of a medical diagnosis, a doctor’s prescription or an individualized education program (IEP).



We book individual lessons and our afternoon enrichment program by semester; the summer extended-day program is available to the public for one week each summer. Families/caregivers choose an available day and time and attend lessons on that same day and time each week that program is offered.



We are proud that our fees have remained the same for almost 10 years. While still an investment for families, our fees cover approximately 65 percent of the actual cost of providing these unique recreational activities. 

We fundraise as an organization to bridge the gap between fees and actual costs. Pony Power also fundraises to make need-based scholarship available to individuals.

View the current registration forms for specific program dates, fees and the attendance/makeup policy.

Riding and Horse Assisted Learning Months Length Lessons Given
Winter Semester January - February 4 weeks Sunday mornings and Monday - Thursday Afternoons
Spring Semester March - June 12 weeks Sunday Mornings and Monday - Thursday Afternoons
Summer Semester July - August 6 weeks Monday - Thursday Afternoons
Fall Semester September - December 12 weeks Sunday Mornings and Monday - Thursday Afternoons
All HANDs In Afternoon Enrichment Program
Winter January - February 8 weeks Tuesday or Thursday, 4:30-6 p.m.
Spring March - June 17 weeks
Summer July - August 7 weeks
Fall September - December 14 weeks
Farm in Motion
June 24 - 27, 2019 1 Week Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 1 pm
β€œPony Power saved me. Riding gives me straight posture and confidence. For 30 minutes, all my problems seem to flee.
— Tiffany, Pony Power Rider for 7 years

Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Therapeutic horseback riding is a recreational activity that allows participants to learn basic horseback riding skills in a safe, structured and supportive environment.

During each 30-minute riding lesson, participants are paired with an instructor, two trained volunteers, and a horse to suit their individual needs. Because riding is a truly inclusive sport, Pony Power welcomes sibling participants and offers a special discounted rate for them.

Potential therapeutic horseback riding benefits include:
  • Strength and balance
  • Posture and flexibility
  • Communication
  • Motor planning
  • Joy

Horse-assisted Learning

Horse-assisted learning is a nonriding program that explores key life skills including safety and awareness; setting and respecting boundaries; problem-solving; and responsibility through horsemanship activities.

During each 30-minute lesson, participants work one-on-one with an instructor and a trained volunteer to learn about horse behavior, grooming, horse nutrition, tacking, handling and lead walking.

Potential horse-assisted learning benefits include:
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Communication, verbal and nonverbal
  • Attention and following directions
  • Joy

All HANDs In: Afternoon Enrichment Program


This horse-assisted, nature-driven learning experience uses the horses, the farm and nature to bring middle and high schoolers with special needs or mental health challenges together each week.

The maximum enrollment is 10 students on each day. Structured lessons are designed to highlight and practice life, occupational and personal-social skills in a safe, supportive and friendly environment.

The small-group setting, combined with activities that emphasize teamwork, promotes a sense of accomplishment and fosters friendships, yet still offers individualized attention and differentiated instruction to fit every participant's specific functioning level, needs and goals.


Farm in Motion

This summer extended program is open to children with special needs and mental health challenges and their siblings, ages 7 to 15.

Activities include:
  • Horseback riding
  • Horse care and handling (baths, grooming, first aid, lead-walking)
  • Yoga, fitness, art, farming and more
  • Healthy lunch prepared in part by the kids featuring some produce from the Pony Power garden!

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