Pony Power Faqs

Pony Power Therapies is a non-profit organization giving special needs and at-risk children and adults a unique opportunity to ride, care for and interact with horses. Our riding and non-riding activities enhance individuals’ physical, social and emotional well-being in a safe, nurturing farm environment. Below are a list of FAQ’s for Pony Power’s programming. For any other questions, or for urgent matters, please contact us via email here or call us at 201-934-1001. Thank you!


+ Do I need a prescription to come to Pony Power?

No, our programming is open to those who need more support or different programming options than traditional equestrian centers offer. There is no requirement for proof of a medical diagnosis or a doctor’s prescription.

+ Does my child need an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to enroll in Pony Power programming?

No, our programming is open to those who need more support or different programming options than traditional equestrian centers offer.

+ Is there an age requirement to participate at Pony Power?

The minimum participant age is 2.5 years old. There is no maximum age as long as our staff deem the activity safe and appropriate for an individual and a doctor has cleared the individual medically.

Volunteers must be at least 14 years old. There is no maximum age for volunteers. All volunteers must be able to walk for at least 90 minutes and jog for short stints during each lesson.

+ What days are individual lessons given?

During the school year, lessons are given on Sunday mornings and Monday through Thursday, 3-6 pm.

+ How long is a lesson?

Individual lessons are 30 minutes. Group lessons are usually one hour.

+ Can I try just one lesson to see if my child likes it?

We book by semester, and our semesters follow the seasons. The fall and spring semesters have 12 lessons; winter has 4; and summer has 6 lessons. We do not offer single lessons because we find some participants may need time to adjust to the environment and become familiar with our routine.

+ What is the difference between Hippotherapy and therapeutic riding?

Hippotherapy focuses on achieving specific, clinical goals in the areas of occupational, physical or speech therapy. Therapeutic riding is a recreational activity that focuses on teaching each individual to ride a horse within his or her ability. Many riders experience therapeutic benefits such as increased focus, greater flexibility and balance and better fine and gross motor planning. To learn more about the benefits of therapeutic riding, click here.

+ What should my child wear?

All participants (riding and non-riding), must wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes and long pants, as well as dress accordingly for outdoor weather conditions. All riders must wear a properly fitted ASTM-SEI-approved helmet and closed-toe shoes. While we use safety stirrups, we require riders working toward independence to wear a boot with a heel, instead of a sneaker.

+ What does the fee for each service cover?

We are committed to providing this unique recreational activity to as many people as possible. Our costs continue to increase annually, but we have maintained client fees at the same level for 8 years in order to provide affordable access to our service. Session fees currently cover only 65 percent of the actual cost to run lessons; we rely on the generosity of our donors to help underwrite the remaining 35 percent each year. Our hope is that we can continue facilitating all of our participants’ personal growth with subsidized tuition for years to come.

+ Do you accommodate field trips or farm tours?

We offer hands-on field trips for a fee. We are also happy to give tours by appointment only to prospective participants and their families or those simply looking to become more involved with Pony Power. To make an appointment for a tour or find out more about booking a field trip, please contact us at (201) 934-1001.