Young Supporter Raises More Than $3,000

Candy Cane

Wow! Inspired by a friend of hers who rides at Pony Power, Bergen County resident Bari Diamond committed to raising enough money through her bat mitzvah project to send children with special needs to Pony Power for a semester of riding lessons. Beating her initial goal by at least $500, she raised more than $3,000! We are so grateful for Bari’s support and, thanks to her, look forward to welcoming two more families into our own. Bari had this to share:

“For my bat mitzvah project, I wanted to do something that combined two things I love – horses and my friend Kayla. Kayla is 3 and a half-year-old, sweet girl with Young supporter, Bari Diamond
Angelman Syndrome. Kayla can't talk and can only walk with the help of a special walker, but when she rides horses, she's SO happy. People who know me know that I LOVE animals. I first visited Pony Power with Kayla because I wanted to watch her ride, and, of course, I wanted to see the horses in action. I was so amazed at how much Kayla gained from riding. Plus, all of the kids I saw during my visits were so happy, and it made me feel great to see how therapeutic horses can be for kids with special needs.

I chose Pony Power as the focus of my bat mitzvah project because I wanted to give more special needs children the opportunity to ride. I think everyone should be able to live their life to the fullest, regardless of their abilities, and this organization helps make that happen.

So far, I've raised enough money to send two children to Pony Power for a semester each. This money will really make a difference in kids’ lives. I’m working with Chai Lifeline and J-Shine to identify kids who could benefit, and I hope to attend a few of their sessions so I can see how the money I raised is helping them.”

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